About Us

The jewel of the Texas Hill Country is Fredericksburg! Unlike what most people imagine about Texas, Fredericksburg, amid its lush rolling hills, is rooted in good times, wineries, distilleries, lavender fields, peach orchards, wild flowers, unique boutiques, and German heritage. Did you know that the first letters of the street names in Fredericksburg, as you head east from the town center spell out “All Welcome” and spell out “Come Back” as you head west? Hospitality is in our blood here. We are a community that just loves celebrating every chance we get.   And now, you can have your own Fredericksburg experience in your home! At Fredericksburg’s Finest, our mission is to deliver the beautiful feelings, flavors and aromas of Fredericksburg, TX to all of the U.S. through the finest and most iconic products Fredericksburg has to offer. We deeply appreciate your being a part of our journey and we’d love to celebrate with you when you visit this truly special town. Until then—we hope that you enjoy a little bit of Fredericksburg wherever you call home! Gratefully, Dave Jobe and the Fredericksburg's Finest family.